You are going to give a talk about theatre and cinema


— what kind of entertainment( cinema/theatre) is more popular now;
— what famous Russian theatre you know;
— why people like going to the cinema;
— what your favourite theatre /cinema is. Why?



Cinema and theater are important things that help to preserve the cultural life in society.

Today, cinema is more popular than theater, because many people, especially teenagers, are fans of such entertainment. However, the theater is also popular among fans of the secular lifestyle. People who are imbued with the soul in the eighteenth century really appreciate the role of this.

The best and most popular theaters in Moscow, namely the Bolshoi Theater. It is located on the Theater Square. This reflects the genre of classicism. This theater is my favorite.

People prefer movies because films combine all the elements of art, which as a result gives a very vivid picture of what is happening.

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