Срочно помогите пожалуйста.Сделайте предложения вопросительными.


1.It is six o’clock.
2.The children are in the house.3.They have toys on the table.
4.There are boys and girls in the class.
5.She has a brother.
6.I must do the work now
7.Fred is very late
8.They are Greek children
9.He can go now
10.She must keep the money
11.You have a pencil
12.I m right
13.My exercise is right
14.He can come here tomorrow​



1.Is it 6 o’clock?

2.Are the children in the house?

3.Do they have toys on the table?

4.Are there boys and girls in the class?

5.Does she have a brother?

6.Must i do the work now?

7.Is Fred very late?

8.Are they Greek children?

9.Can he go now?

10.Must she keep the money?

11.Do you have a pencil?

12.Am i right?

13.Is my exercise right?

14.Can he come here tomorrow?


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