Помогите пожалуйста плис нужно открыть скобки в пресент симпл или пресент континиус​



1. am sitting

2. am not working

3. is talking, isn`t listening

4. live

5. doesn`t live

6. aren`t sleeping

7. play

8. don`t

9. read

10. doesn`t read

11. isn`t reading

12. am writing

13. am not drink

14. go

15. don`t go

16. isn`t working

17. is playing

18. is he playing

19. works

20. doesn`t work

21. do you work

22. does father work

23. are you playing

24. are moving, is appearing, is getting

25. improve

26. is playing

27. wear, is wearing

28. is listening



1. I am sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s now.

2. I am not working in my office now.

3. Eric is talking about his holiday plans, but Kenny isn’t listening to him. He is thinking about his new car at the moment.

4. My friend lives in St. Petersburg.

5. My cousin doesn’t live in Moscow.

6. The children aren’t sleep now.

7. The children play in the yard every day.

8. They don’t go to the stadium on Monday.

9. She reads in the evening.

10. She doesn’t read in the morning.

11. She isn’t reading now.

12. I am writing a composition now.

13. I am not drinking milk now.

14. I go for a walk after dinner.

15. I don’t go to the theatre every Sunday.

16. He aren’t reading now.

17. He is playing now.

18. Is he playing now?

19. My mother works at a factory.

20. My aunt doesn’t work at a shop.

21. Do you work at an office?

22. Does your father work at this factory?

23. Are you playing chess now?

24. Look at the sky: the clouds are moving slowly, the sun is appearing from behind the clouds, it is getting warmer.

25. How is your brother? — He is not well yet, but his health is improving day after day.

26. Listen! Who is playing the piano in the next room?

27. Henry usually wears glasses and now he is wearing sunglasses.

28. Who is listening to music on his personal stereo over there right now

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