Complete the sentences with the correct past simple


or past perfect form of the verb in brackets.
0 I almost didn’t recognise Harriet because she had
changed (change) her hair colour.
1 Ι (call) the police last night because
someone had stolen my car.
2 (you / ever / meet) John before you saw
him at the party yesterday?
3 I suddenly remembered where I (see) that
man before.
4 By the time I got to the station, the train
5 The shop owners (buy) a burglar alarm
after they had been robbed a second time.
6 I didn’t know Ben (work) in a bank before
he joined this company.
7 The policeman (win) an award for bravery
because he had rescued some people from a fire.


Ответ:0 had changed 1called 2had you ever met  3 i saw 4  had left 5 bought 6 had worked 7 won


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