Charlie Chaplin was the first and the greatest movie star of all time


The absence of sound in the motion pictures of that period may have contributed to Chaplin’s popularity. Since he spoke no language on the screen, people from different countries could easily watch his films.

The most significant factor in Chaplin’s popularity was the character he portrayed on his films. The Little Fellow expressed the joy and sorrow, the dreams and frustrations that everyone experiences in life. Equally important was the fact that Chaplin expressed these things with humor and he made people laugh nearly every second. His best movies are City Lights, Modern Times and The Gold Rush.

Ironically, The Little Fellow was created quite by accident, when the director of the motion picture suggested that Chaplin come up with something that would make the movie funnier. “I thought I would dress in baggy pants, big shoes and derby hat,” Chaplin explained later in his autobiography. “I wanted everything a contradiction: the pant baggy, the coat tight, the hat small, the shoes large.” He wore comical false moustache and one of the most famous characters in his history of motion pictures was born — Charlie Chaplin as The Little Fellow.

Write true, false, doesn’t say:

1. At the age of twenty-seven an American producer offered him a film contract.

2. In 1917 he was paid 1 million dollars for eight movies of 20 minutes without sound.

3. The Little Fellow was created quite by accident.

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