2 I'm going to play on the


beach al doy
4 We forgot to bring Bello
No, they are
. Read the story again. Answer the questions,
Picture 1: Are Daisy’s family getting ready for their winter holida?
Picture 2: What is Doisy’s dad going to do every day?
Picture 3: What must Doisy’s sister take with her?
Picture 4: What mustn’t Daisy’s dad forget?
Picture 5: Who did they forget to bring?
Is Bella home alone?
Picture 6:​



Picture 1:No,they aren’t.

Picture 2.Go fishing.

Picture 3.Sunscreen

Picture 4.Fishing rod.

Picture 5.Bella.

Picture 6.No,it isn’t

Это правильно!!!Я это делала с репетитором.!!

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